About Us

“Helping travel, hospitality and tourism brands thrive”

We are a young team with an enormous love for travel who dare to think big and is not afraid to be different when it comes to solving a problem.
At Blink, we take time to understand and analyze your requirements and then curate activation backed up by real-time data to deliver a robust strategy for your brand to capture the desired market.

We are committed to be the best custodians of your brand story through our database of reliable empaneled vendors and partners, ready to initiate your consumer initiations with transparency and dedication.

Our vast industry experience enables us to tailor compelling and practical market-specific strategies by understanding different destinations in terms of;

The target audience

Client requirement

Competitive landscape

Furthermore, we engage local experts from the travel and hospitality industry to guide you with strategic direction and domain expertise in sales, marketing, public relations and consultancy. This would hand-hold your brand not to just stand out but stand the test of time!


To make your brand thrive with our innovative and compelling strategies that are sure to spark engagement and reduce your spending significantly.


To foster transparency in the tourism and hospitality industry through our robust platform, connecting brands directly with empaneled vendors. Leveraging real-time data to identify and implement the best sustainable solutions for our clients.